July 12, 2013

 Seriously...it was the most fun I've had in a long time.
The theater was pretty full...just as I suspected it would be.
 When Danny turns to the camera, yeah, you know the scene, a couple of middle-aged ladies behind me could not refrain from making cat calls.
It was pretty hilarious.
 The first song was, you know it, Summer Lovin'.  The speakers in the theater make it sound like the entire audience is singing.  I was laughing, I was singing, then laughing, singing some more, then laughing.  I almost put myself into a cold sweat.  (Tula said I was actually sweating.  It was dark...how could she see that!)
I never got to see Grease on the big screen.
I was in third grade when it came out.
Too young, according to my mom. 
She was a good Mom.
My friends would listen to the soundtrack in the bathroom at recess.
OK, they weren't MY friends, but the cool girls who obviously got to see the trashy film.
But ever since we owned a VCR and the actual video, I have known this movie by heart. 
Or so I thought.
There were so many details and lines I had never noticed! 
So.  Much.  Better.  On. The.  Big.  Screen!
Everyone there was there because they love the movie.
So we laughed at every little inuendo, every silly dance move, every song!
(Remember when Danny tells Sandy, "Don't make me laugh...heh.....heh....heh..."?  CLASSIC.
The audienced roared.)

 I loved it.
I took all my girls.
(And I guess I'll take them again even though they insist I was the only one in the theater that sang along.)
I will make it a Summer tradition every year.
Hopelessly devoted to Grease!
(And I don't care who knows it.)

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Sif Ulfarsdottir said...

The movie of the century, no doubt about it
When it came out in Iceland, me and my friends went to see it all dressed up the Grease way, of such fun. The others in the audience thought that we was the real guys from the movie. We even had the right cars:)
And few years ago I have a Grease party for my daughter where the hole class attended, it was a great success :)
Thank you for sharing
Hugs Sif