May 28, 2013

Custom-Made Envelopes

Do you still make your own envelopes?

With my son living in another state and desperate for mail, I can't just send him regular, boring white envelopes with my letters. They need to announce to him, the mailman, and everyone else in a mile radius that his mom really cares about him.

And they look really cool.

Making these envelopes brings back so many memories from the "good ol' days" when we used to mail letters to our friends. I think it is a lost art and I want to bring it back.

I've made a little mini-tutorial with a template download on my Angela Henrie Studio blog. Go check it out. And make some envelopes with me, will ya?

You can totally send me one if you're willing, but without a recipient. I will be your recipient!

Have fun.

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