April 15, 2013

New Website New Blog

My new website is up and running. Come check it out at angelahenrie.com

I also have a new blog over there: GO HERE!

And since I am already linking like crazy, I am giving away some of the new line of Sexy American Girlfriend vintage trim and leather headbands on my Facebook page. You just have to like the page and cross your fingers that you win!

Thank you always for your support and blog friendship. Lots of great things are happening around here and I hope the same for you.

1 comment:

Sage said...

I'm glad to hear that things are working great for you. Also, I checked your new website. It's a smart move that upon opening the link, photos of your products are already there, making us familiar with your business immediately. I would just like to ask; are these your designs? 'Cause they all look unique. Anyway, how's the business going after the new website is up? I hope it's rocking!
Sage Aumick