January 27, 2013

Wedding #2

Have you planned a wedding?

It is stressful. 
Especially if you are not naturally organized.

It's overwhelming.  There are a lot of details.

I can't even describe what a relief if is when it all comes together
And having special friends and family that help you pull it off is priceless.
(I think they had a system down... one would empty the bread bowl and the other would get rid of it without being wasteful.  Genius.)

(I love these girls.  They are the best sisters you could ask for!)

My girls!
They are a beautiful couple.  I am so excited to see them grow together and feel the joy of starting their own little family.
Because when I look at this picture of all of us, I think, "Man, I am rich!"

Photos courtesy of Kara Barratt.  (Thank you, Kara!)


Anna M said...

Now THAT is a family photo. So incredible.

Let me just say, that I only ate like THREE bowl interiors. Not that I am even proud of the three that I did eat, but you know.

Hunter's wedding was beautiful, your backyard was killer, Hunter and Johnny are gorgeous, Gigi is so freaking adorable, and your leather dress was RAD!

Angela Henrie said...

No, Anna, YOU are rad.

Laraine Eddington said...

I'm glad I got to see the dress in person yesterday. You looked beautiful.

Angela Henrie said...

Thanks Laraine. Sometimes one needs to flash a little leather at church. Where else am I going to wear that thang!

Hunter Barratt said...

It turned out so beautiful!

Angela Henrie said...

You were a beautiful bride, inside and out!

shell said...

I double clicked on every single picture. just like on instagram. I like all these pics. you are rich girlfriend!