July 09, 2012

A Couple New Things...

Despite the horrid heat, I have braved it out in my garage studio. ( Sometimes creativity has no weather boundaries.)  
It's time like these that I wish I had photoshop on my computer.  Not to alter the jewelry, but my skin.  I am sorry I couldn't find a hand model sans the muffin top finger.  But, alas, you get the idea of the width of this ring.  The necklace is what I like to call my "family necklace".  Everyone in the family is included in this one.  (I needed a change from the little round discs everyone seems to wear now.)
  I am really wanting to move my studio indoors.  It's a little worrisome bringing a torch/acetelyn tank indoors, but others do it, right?  Do you have an indoor studio?

I am also too chicken to tell the hubs hands off my tools!  He uses them all the time.  Nothing gets put back in the right spot.  There are greasy hand prints all over the place!  This could cause serious issues.  So I'm slippin' out of the garage...as soon as a room opens up in my house.  Any time now...

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drooz doodles said...

just stopping by to see what yo have been up to!
(just followed you on pinterest too!)