May 10, 2012


I have some great memories of my mom.
Some are hilarious, maybe a bit embarrassing for her.  (So I won't tell you about the time she cussed during family scriptures...)
I love that my best memories of her are just her being real.  No frouf.  No Martha Stewart homemaking miracles.  Just our one-on-one moments we shared while growing up...
One time,
after leaving the doctor's office...
she attempted to leave the parking lot.
We backed up our Suburban and suddenly rubbed up against another car parked behind us.
We were stuck in a rub down with this car, going back and forth, rubbing up against this car, trying to set ourselves free.
Needless to say, we were dying.  Dying, LAUGHING!
What could we do!
After we were done wriggling free,
we realized there was a not-so-amused man standing there, watching the whole thing.
Oh boy.
I love you, Momma.
I'm sure my kids will most likely have all memories of me making a total fool of myself.
But those are always the best ones!
Here's to us Moms, just keepin' it real.


Laraine Eddington said...

Loved this Angela. Your Mom raised some great kids...including you.

Pam said...

Now I wonder why I entrusted you with my high school and college pictures!!! Thank you for the love and memories. I remember trying to figure out how we could just lift the car and move it just a few inches to the left. We didn't damage anything...did we?