March 11, 2012

Socks 'n Sandals II

Ever since my last post, I haven't been able to get socks and sandals out of my mind.
Is it doable?
Would I?
After doing some research strictly on my own
I have come to a few conclusions:

1.  Socks and sandals have been given a bad rap.
"By who?"  you ask
Men who care more about comfort than fashion.
(And apparently some men that would rather expose their fit bellies than their feet.)
Men who have already snagged a girl and are no longer concerned with being a babe magnet.
Which leads me to my second conclusion:

2.  Men just simply SHOULD NOT wear socks and sandals.
     I have not found ONE appealing look of socks and sandals on a man.
     And I challenge you to prove me wrong.

3.  Babies can wear whatever they want.
     Go ahead, slap some sandals on these babies.  Those legs will still look cute.

4.  Just the right sock CAN go with just the right sandal.
(And having cute legs helps too.  Just like babies.)
These photos from

5.  This trend is very budget friendly.  Instead of buying the season's latest and greatest boot, throw some (cute) socks on with your sandals.

6.  The jury is still out if I will succomb to this edgy trend.
Stay tuned.  I would want you to be the first to see...


Maria said...

Ha ha ha , your post made me happy and smiling.

Holly Hoffman Spears said...

i totally want to do this too! :) i've cut out a bunch of pictures from magazines, but i haven't been brave enough to try it yet.

lj said...

I hope your kids don't all make fun of you.

Angela Henrie said...

Uh...they don't need something as trivial as socks n sandals on me. They have much better things to make fun of me about...they don't miss a

shell said...

you already got the shoes for this girl. shout it from the rooftops.
dang - we already went to the concert of year.