March 21, 2012

A Few Reasons Why I Love AZ

There are so many reasons why I love Arizona.
But in Spring, early Spring, there are so many apparent reasons why I love it from just an agricultural point of view.
(I'm still kicking myself for not joining FFA [Future Farmers of America] in high school.  I think I would have looked dang cute walking my calf around the track at half time at the football games in my tight Wranglers and boots.)

Yes, we have cactus.  But it's green.  Green you can see because there is no snow covering it.
And Bougainvillaea.  Love the stuff.
The pink and purple blossoms make me drop my jaw in awe every time I look at them.
Petunias can grow all winter.
Succulents grow and grow and grow, spilling over pots.
And if I want,  I can just cut off a piece, stick it in another pot, and whammo!  A new plant begins to grow.
Right now there is a distinct scent permeating the air...

Orange blossoms!
Driving by the citrus trees in my area, one MUST roll down the windows and inhale.
It is really something you have to experience in your life.
It never gets old to me.
This Earth has SO much beauty...
I am always astounded with what nature comes up with.

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