March 22, 2012

Fashion Sense

I am the first to admit, I love clothes AND shoes that have funkadelic flare.
I never was happy wearing Liz Claiborne, black flats, and Forenza in high school.
O.K., I did have ONE Forenza sweater...but I wore it backwards to be different!
(For all you youngsters out there, Forenza was the brand we bought at the Limited.
WAY back in the day.)
Flash forward  a couple decades.
I insist to my children that I have this 6th sense.  A certain fashion sense.
I can "sense" something coming back in style.
They may scoff, but time after time I am proven right.
In fifth grade, I bought my son checkered Vans.
"These are cool!  I PROMISE!"
He wore them.
His friends made fun.
I reassured.
A couple years later...
EVERYONE was wearing them.
"Who's cool now!"  I'd ask him.
You are thinking..."what IS to be in style?"
"What closet staples should I stock my closet with, Angela?"
Let me share my wisdom.
I feel these few things will be timeless.
Classics.  Classics that you can funkafy (Funk-A-fye) or just leave classic.
I like the funkafy option because it makes me feel edgy.
Edgy without being punk or too rebellious.
First on my list is Levi's 501's.  I know, they display your waist size for all to see, but what better motivation to get into a SMALLER size!  These will always be in style.  Always.  (Quote me.)
(If I am wrong, and you've sprung the cheddar for these, you can always make something really COOL out of them.  For realz.)
Second, the plaid kilt.  It has to be a tinge shorter than the knee so it doesn't look homely.  What I love about these skirts is that they are really sitting on the border of punk and preppy.  Depending on your mood, with a tweak of the wardrobe, you can push the envelope OR play it safe.  (These would be killer!  Find them here)

Third, black Bass Weejuns.  I may not wear them everyday, but these ARE cool.
And the last for today is a pair of Havaianas.  Classic black should be the first pair you buy this Spring.  (Side note:  Back in the day, we called these thongs.  Times have changed and so has underwear...they stole the name and forced us to conform to now call these flip flops.)

So there you have it.  
Use this info at your own risk.
But trust in the cycle of fashion life.
All good things come 'round again.
And some just stay put.

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