February 13, 2012


I love Valentine's Day.
But I learned YEARS ago not to watch soap operas or Oprah on that day.
(Guaranteed to spotlight the lack of romance in your relationship.)
Little known fact:  My husband was my first Valentine.
I never had a boyfriend ON Valentine's Day.
While everyone was toting around flowers and balloons around campus,
I was probably actively planning Girls' Night Out in retaliation.
So there, Boyeeees.
Every Valentine's Day I try to tackle one project to bring in the holiday.
This year it was Valentine bunting. 
I'm a little late coming in to this particular craft.  I'm sure they were big years ago.
But I never tire of hanging flags.
I also got some Valentine-appropriate jewelry made.
Shocking, I know.
I haven't been too productive lately.
But sometimes I like to turn around and surprise people.
Got to keep things unpredictable.
Better late than never.
That's what me husband says.


Fashion-isha said...

That jewelry looks really pretty! You have a nice blog!

shell said...

yay!!! you're back online!!