October 07, 2011

While you were away...

I got a couple things made...
This is Sleeping Beauty Turquoise...my fave.
One charm has a a bezel crystal flower and the other says, "Flower Child".
(But then again, you would already see that if I possessed any photography skills.)
This is a "Y" style necklace all in handmade links.
The little bar says "LOVE".
It really does hang downwards on the neck.
If I had the energy, I would figure out how to rotate the picture.
But I just got my husband off on his scout campout.
He requires a lot of help.
A lot.
I am drained.
And ready to enjoy a quiet weekend...
Hope you have a good one!


Laraine Eddington said...

I hope you have a good movie to watch so you can recover while the scouts frolic...or whatever it is that scouts do.

Liz said...

I SO remember being in constant helper mode getting one or more boys plus husband off on any scout or outdoorsy adventure. MAJOR production. No energy left over. I feel for you, I do!

shell said...

it's almost december.