October 03, 2011

The Art Around Me

When I was young, I obsessed over artists.  (Really obsessed.)
I wanted to be one.  (Bad.)
I wanted to paint.  (Really bad.)
I craved it.  (Pathetic.)
But I didn't have "skills". 
I would beg my mom to take me toAaron Brothers just so I could walk around and look at brushes and paints. 
I never took art in junior high or high school because I was too intimidated.
My drawing was too cute and cartoon-like.

When I went to college, I took a watercolors class in the Summer. 
The teacher assured us that it was the easiest course we would ever take at the University. 
My C- proved otherwise. 

Later, I came to find that my talents were in metals.
I can make jewelry, but I still SO admire those that can draw and paint.  
I have come to realize, however, that I live with several talented little artists.  My children have artistic skills that FAR outreach my own.  I basque in the variety and cleverness of their art.  They each have their own style...
I find that fascinating. 
As I was doing my Monday morning walk-through to assess the weekend damage, I was so taken by their latest projects:

Sophie did this in oils.  She has a kind of dark, sinister side.  Sometimes I ask her, "What the?"  But I don't think she even knows what is going on in her little head.
She worked on this all Summer.
It's really awesome in person. 
So many details...
Libbie has always had more a pop art style. 
She designed her wedding announcement. 
I think it's so cool.

This Summer, my oldest son started drawing.
He practiced and practiced.
Now he's taking an art class and learning SO much. 
(I'm so excited for him.  And a little jealous.)
Hunter is more of a collage artist.

For not ever being an accomplished painter, I sure have lucked out in the offspring department.  Now I get to rub shoulders with artists all.  The.  Time.


Laraine Eddington said...

Wow. You do have a talented crew. I loved seeing the art that is the fruit of your motherly art.

amydear said...

Amazing. I'm sure you have inspired them and given them the tools to create such cool things. I have a 10 year-old who is quite the little artist. She draws the sweetest birds. I love to supply her with things and watch her work.

Amanda said...

Love them all!!!

Lyndsay said...

WOW! Seriously impressive. I admit even I am a little jealous of this talent. And I consider my artist. :) Sophie's swimmer is exhibiting a style already. As in, an "illustrator's" style (a painter can be considered an illustrator, especially when it comes to book and commercial illustrations). Keep an eye on that--good stuff!

Alex Mungo said...

I particularly love the beatles collage and Elvis and Lisa french furniture

Morgen said...

What talented kids for sure. I love having Brock in my class. He is really talented.