September 07, 2011

My Little Pal

I have this little pal.
He's my nephew.
We get to spend time together every week.
He's Batman.  He exterminated Robin.
I had to convince him that I'm Cat Woman.
He was a bit reluctant, but finally gave in.
He finds and guzzles down my Big Gulp every time he's over.
He'll eat an entire package of cookies if you are ignorant enough to leave one out within his reach.
You can ask him any question and he'll answer "YES".
Unless it's "Are you stinky?" 
He won't admit to that.
He loves a good photo shoot.
My sister's a photographer.
And he's the ultimate poser.
He can catch and throw a football better than any of my kids. 
Oh, Ty Ty...
Pictures stolen from my sister's blog.  She's QUITE the talented photographer.

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