July 26, 2011

QUOTES from the CAR

Having several children can make life a bit chaotic.
My time in the car is my "down" time.
It's rare that I have everyone with me.  Usually it's a couple, maybe just one.
This is our time to talk, just shoot the breeze.
I never talk on my cell phone if I have my kids with me on the road.
I just can't miss out on these one-on-one moments.
Sometimes I get asked, what I perceive to be, crazy questions!
Or I get to hear deep, random thoughts of a twelve year-old.
And let me emphasize R A N D O M...
Here are a few of the latest and greatest:
(Do NOT try these at home.)

"Mom, is the reason why there are so many suburbans around here because we live in the SUBURBS?"   -author witheld

"Is New Mexico like Mexico, only newer?"  -author witheld

(These are not toddlers asking these questions.
Then it would be cute.)
There is no such thing as a dumb question.  Right?
So keep asking away, kids.
I am here to answer and guide you through life. 
(And exploit you if it's just too good not to share!)


Chelsea said...

Funny!! I am sad I missed you in UT. I hear you beat your old man in the Tour de Donut. Good for you! Hope to see ya sooN!

shell said...

you need to update your blog more often.
i love them posts.
and yes.....because we live in the suburbs. DUH

Nicole said...

I'm Laughing Out Loud right now!