July 12, 2011

I find more and more that I have the time to get on the computer less and less.
Today, that changed for a moment.
The heat here is, at times, life-stopping. 
Meaning, I wish life would just stop.
Fast forward to Fall.
Deep Fall.
Like November Fall.
Today I find myself in a heat-induced lethargy.
It sounds pretty silly to say, "It's just too hot to swim".
But it's true.
When the pool water feels like a lukewarm bathtub, it's time to head North.
Before I do that...
Some images of COOLness

                                                                           image: Chow

                                                                           image:  Google
I'd like to get my feet in some of these.
image:  Google
Another outdoor shower...
One of these days...
ONE of these days.
image:  Restyled Home
I'm feeling better already.

1 comment:

Laraine Eddington said...

I love everything except the sandals. I would feel like I was wearing a hammock. Hope you're cooled off now!