June 19, 2011

The Reason Why my Outdoor Shower Hasn't Been Built

It's been months of designing and hard work.
It was a project I washed my hands of.
This was MAN work.
Meet Goliath. 
The Hubs made him for Scout Camp.
He took up the entire garage.
He's a whopping 12 feet tall and

I bet he's going to get  himself PELTED with rocks!


maria said...

Goliath is looking very scary, i don't wanna meet him in the dark.
Your husband did a good job.
I also the turcoise stones, i didn't know about this Sleeping Beauty story, thaks for making me a little bit wiser.

gil said...

You have many artists in the family. Fantastic job.

Amanda said...

Holy cow that thing ROCKS!!!

amy said...

HOLY SCHMOLY!! Way to go Cam! Do you get to keep him after scout camp. He'll be a great addition to your Halloween decor.