April 11, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

One of my favorite stones is Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.
The color is the prettiest shade of blue.
It reminds me of a clear, clean sky
or the clearest of oceans...
Do you know WHY they call it Sleeping Beauty?
It is mined only in Globe, AZ from the Sleeping Beauty Mine.
That mine looks like the outline of Sleeping Beauty.
I think it's crazy romantic.
Special stone.
Special mine.


Lindsey Wood-Felstead said...

Ok that necklace is adorable! I am in looooove with my, "I love my kids" necklace you sent me. Thank you so so much!! It has become my favorite. All my friends are trying to steal it!

Anna M said...

that DOES look like Sleeping Beauty in the mountains. Ange, you are always teaching me.

good stuff

Morgen said...

You are so creative. And romantic. I want some sleeping beauty stones!

Mage said...

I love all kinds of turquoise color. That necklace sure do have its charm on me, love the heart shaped pendant.
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Miranda J said...

Wow -- that is pretty neat! I'm back to my feedreader for the first time in months... It's fun to check in!

Whitney said...

Very, very neat.

I had no idea -- Arizona is one of my favorite places on earth.