March 16, 2011

Summer Showers

In the Summer,
I ease most comfortably into my nature girl role.
I have MANY plants that have to be watered DAILY so they don't wither in the hot AZ sun.
So I'm in the yard A LOT.
In order to survive the heat, frequent dips in the pool are necessary.
A must.
I  ban oven use, blow dryers, curling irons, hot showers....anything that's HOT.
AND, I moisturize and condition with coconut oil All.  Summer.  Long.
It's no big secret that I daily bathe in the back yard with the help of my gardening hose. 
(I have ongoing bets with my sister on how long I can go without stepping into my "indoor shower".)
Water out of the tap is THE perfect temperature!
But I am done with the hose.
It's nature-ish, sure, but not very glamorous.
I have been nagging C to get a shower built for me in time for my Summer rituals.
I love this "peek-a-boo" fence.  It would be just enough privacy...I could easily hang hooks in this one to leave my teensy bikini to drip dry and make a dash for the house sans a towel.
...Just let the hot sun and wind from my brisk movement dry me off NATURALLY.   (Kidding!!!!  Or am I????? 

I have this kooky obsession with corrugated metal.  I would absolutely love to incorporate it somehow  into my shower...
This one is is definately cute.
 And the mirror...can't decide if I'd want a mirror in my shower...
I love the vibe here. 
And the stumps are awesome.  (I really try to use that word sparingly...)

  A little too formal for me.  But classy, to say the least.
 A lot of ideas to work with here.
Can't wait to see what he comes up with...

All pics via OTHER BLOGS.  Duh.  Just wish I remember which ones.


Anna M said...

so AWESOME (I try to use that word as frequently as possible... thereby making life more awesome)!!
Would you have it behind your bathroom on the back of your house?

you NEED an outdoor shower

lorie said...

I have an outdoor shower. But it is just a nozzle on the side of my house, kind of behind a wall. Nothing fancy. My kids get all nervous when I shower out there, thinking someone might see me. I say, if you're lookin' enjoy the view!

Joey said...

As soon as you create something so awesome,everyone will want to use it and there will be a queue. I bet there is never a queue for the garden hose.

Jenna Lee said...

I love outdoor showers. When we go on vacation its one of my favorite things! These are all so pretty.