March 24, 2011

Display it, Don't Say it

"Hot Mama", "Foxy", and "Meow"

Remember how I like to give mini lectures on being confident?
That confidence is attractive?
I've been in the mood to make "Confident" pendants so you can say it without having to really SAY it.
Any requests?  Just let me know.
I know you are all dying to display your confidence as am I.
Fake it 'til you make it...


Marina Mott said...

Love it!! Great!xx

Anna M said...

I love my "sexpot" bracelet you made, but I'd be lying if I said I can wear it anywhere. At church it feels a bit off-putting. ;)

I love "meow". How about "sizzle" or "goddess" "Bombshell" "knockout" "peach" "hot dish" "siren" "arm candy" "trophy" "hottie with the body" "beaut" "work it" "hot stuff coming through" "phlegmatic" or "toothsome"