February 07, 2011

This weekend I got some jewelry made.
My little 3-year old worked right beside me and strung her own necklace...
I don't know who was more proud;
I think it was a tie between the two of us.

I am partial to these square dancers.
It takes me back to 7th and 8th grade P.E. when we did square dancing out on the basketball courts.
The girls and boys would line up across from each other, the music would start, and then we'd follow in line to meet up with our partner.
Oh the anxiety!
Who would my partner be?
Would he have clammy, sweaty palms?


Anna M said...

I love Gigi's necklaces. What does the one that you made (that she is wearing) say?

I am torn between the two rings. I would love either for Valentine's Day... just sayin'! (I'll send on my requests to big Al)

Debbie & Don said...

I never had square dancing in Jr. high school. But I remember my girls when they went to Poston and it was square danceing day, they always felt sick and thought they should stay home from school. I was the mean mom and made them go. looks like you had a great weekend.