February 25, 2011

Speaking of Projects...

For YEARS I have been wanting to silk screen.
And for years, I put it off.
It was daunting to me.
But finally, FINALLY, I dove in.

My t-shirt that my kids are just as proud of.
My skirt.
My Frida skirt.  (She is silkscreened)
My advice to you:
If there is something you've been wanting to learn, do it!
Tackle it now!
You will probably LOVE it!


Alan Macfarlane said...

how cool is that frida skirt?


I like the flowers you embroidered, too. I'll take two, please.

Anna M said...

ha! I am sure Alan would love them as much as I do.


Laraine Eddington said...

Amazing. I have always wanted to know someone who knows how to silk screen and now, I have finally accomplished my goal. It feels really good.

Morgen said...

I so want to silk screen. Next time you do it, call me overso I can help.