February 23, 2011

Could it Really Be Over!

Is TAMN really saying goodbye?
Is the perfect life that we've been able to watch perfectly come together really just be over for good?
For reals?
No.  No.  It's never really over.
I can think of a handful of blogs that you could read and get that same "My life is so dull" feeling from.
And I'm related to some of them.
These "my life is perfect" blogs are the reason I take sebaticals from blogging from time to time.
I hope I never sound like I'm trying to brag about my perfect life.  Because it is SO not perfect.
And my eight adorable kids?  SO not perfect.
The hubs?  VERY, VERY far from perfect.  (Kidding, hun.)
And me?  The least perfect person in this FAR from perfect world.
And I experience TONS of crafting mishaps.  (I only show you the stuff that miraculously turns out.)
Stay tuned...
I'm almost done being turned off by perfect- people- who- blog.
Trying to keep it real,

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Veronica Fukuda said...

Loved your blog! congratulations for the posts!
Hugs from Brazil