November 28, 2010

Raising NON-Black Friday Shoppers

It is a hard task.
Raising NON-Black Friday Shoppers.
I abhor Black Friday shopping.
I have tried to pass that on.
But still, unfailinigly, at least one or two daughters get caught up in the hype on Thanksgiving Day.
I try to suppress, deflate, discourage those desires.
My sister even offered to brave the cold and sleep depravation with my girls.
But when it came to actually going, they were "too tired" and had "studying to do".
Bah hah!
My influences have obviously been too strong.
It's just not in there genes to be Black Friday shoppers.
When my sister asked Sophie what store she wanted to hit, she replied, "Black Friday!"
Poor little thing...Didn't even know what Black Friday even was.
Have I done my job or what!


Laraine Eddington said...

My college boy took my two teenagers to the thrift store on black friday. I was so proud.

amy said...

Well done Ang! Your daughters will thank you later. Did Anna even go?