October 05, 2010

This is my scary, monstrous mesquite tree in my front yard.
 When I drive down the street, heading home, I imagine that it is trying to eat my house.  It could eat my house.
That's just how big it is. 
I have love/hate feelings for it.
It's a living thing.  I love living things and the beauty of nature and all.
But sometimes, in weak moments, I fantasize chopping it down to nothing.
(And having a lifetime supply of mesquite firewood.)
In the Summer months, though, it shades my home and it MUST save us hundreds on our power bill, right?
And then, every Halloween I have a PLETHORA (no exaggeration ) of gnarly limbs and twigs to add to arrangements, door ways, table tops...
Please, don't buy any overpriced stems from the craft store this year.
Let me cut you some from my tree.  There's plenty for ALL of us!


Jen Beckstrand said...

Hi! Sister Henrie, or Angela :) I don't know if you will remember me, Jenicia Snyder, I used to be in your Young Womens class, I think Mia Maids? Before my family moved to Utah. I just came across your blog and absolutely love it! I always looked up to you a lot, and I still do! I think your blog and life and you as a mother and person is amazing! Thank you for always setting such a great example for us girls!

Debbie & Don said...

So Gald the wind didn't blow your tree over. Happy October break to you.

Morgen said...

I want some of those branches. They look great.