October 22, 2010

Secret Obsessions

I not-so-secretly obsess at home that I can dance the robot.
I do it all the time.
It's a predictable occurrence for my body to jolt into  robot motions at the very sound of a boom-box beat.
My kids scoff and shake their heads at me.
There is not even slight  hesitation  in their criticisms when they  inform  me that I am NOT a successful robot mover and shaker.
What does this do to me?
This constant dream-destructive discouragement?
I'll tell you what it does...
It drives me to be the bangiest, best, big-time robot dancer out there!
I study Youtube videos when everyone is at school and work.
My moves are getting more fluid and natural.
I am becoming one with the robot.
(I will show those schlumps I call my own flesh and blood!  One day, they will BEG to dance like me.)
I'm struggling with the empty eyes, though.
Because I am such a deep person.
( It's hard to hide my depth. )
Dancing Kim inspires me.
I just wonder if Dancing Kim is still dancing today.
Man, she's awesome.


iheartmesa said...

Oh my. This was very funny. I kept thinking, "Is this for real?" Anyway, if you haven't seen our blog yet I thought I'd share. Beautiful jewelry!

Melissa K said...