October 16, 2010

It's Such a Small World...

I have a Soul Sista.
                                                             Emily, me, and Cassandra
In some sort of weird, twisted way, we were almost sisters.
And our souls are completely aware of that.
You see...
My mom

and her dad
TOTALLY dated in college.
He's an artist.
His beautiful daughters are both artists.
Funny, I really could have used an artist in my life growing up.
I had so much artistic angst.  It was practically tangible.
I would beg my mom to take me to Aaron Brothers so I could walk around and look at the brushes and paints.
I would constantly cut my clothes up and sew them to other things.  Add beads.  Whatever it took.
I pretty much, sort of... stalked artists...
Luckily I found jewelry design and music. 
And then I found Cass...
Cassandra Barney is my sister-friend.
We are, as far as we're concerned,  pretty much related.
Thanks for the visit, Sista!


Melissa K said...

holy smokes! I don't know your cute friends...so this comment has nothing to do with that....but I just wanted to tell you, you look AMAZING!! GOOD JOB! Keep up the good work angela!
~Melissa Kleiner

Anna M said...

Wait a minute!

MY Mom used to date HER dad. Now THAT is a small world.

And yes, you look CRAZY GOOD!

Marina Mott said...

Great pics, from great people! I really guess! xx

Beach Vintage said...

You all look so much alike!