October 09, 2010

Halloween Paintings

I love my kids' art much more than my own.
I think they are much more talented.
Today, two of them took a painting class from Morgen Thruston.  (Go check out her talents!)
I love how these turned out and they were IMMEDIATELY placed on the living room bookshelves!
 Then we watched "Hocus Pocus"...(CLASSIC!)
 Hunter did this one for me a couple years ago
 Today, I was telling her how much I love Halloween.  She said, "Who doesn't!"  I said, "Sadly, I know a few in my family who don't.  Can you believe that!"
"No, Mom.  That's just SAD."
Yes, that is sad indeed.


Anna M said...

The very family members who will plan April Fools Day for weeks and then POO-POO all over Halloween! It makes NO SENSE! You either are a holiday lover or a holiday pooper. Pick a side!

I know what side Angela Henrie et al have chosen... and they have chosen well!

Morgen said...

Your children are VERY talented! They must get it from their mother.

amy said...

Hey, back off! I never said I didn't like Halloween I just don't decorate as much as you guys do but I don't decorate for April Fool's Day either. It's just not my thang. We all have our different strengths and I, for one, am grateful for both of yours!!

Laraine Eddington said...

The artistic thread is obviously woven through your progeny. Happy Halloween!

Amanda said...

Ok I am not the April Fools one either but I really do not like Halloween call it sad call it horrible I think it is a dark crazy holiday. But I do have to say Target has some cute decorations right now no I did not buy any but they were really cute and i had a few in my cart but they got taken out by the end. Love ya!!

Alan Macfarlane said...

Amanda, you say Halloween is "dark and crazy" as if that's a bad thing. I'm confused. ;)