September 16, 2010

Viva La Color!

I love Mexico.  I love Betsey Johnson.
Betsey Johnson's casita IN Mexico.  LOVE it.

I have saved these magazine clippings for years.  They are some of the only pictures I have not "grown out of" and tossed.

I have tried the clean, white look.
I grew bored with it.
My own cabinet from Mexico
I always go back to color. 
If you go with your gut, you can't go wrong.  Decorating trends will come and go (use those on the kids' rooms.), but your heart will always stay true to a certain style.
I have to admit, I  have no respect for people who decorate and style their home for "re-sale" value.  (OK, maybe a little respect.  But I feel sorry for them.)
Ughh.  That's not living!
Paint, like crazy haircuts, makes life exciting.
You can ALWAYS repaint.  And you can ALWAYS grow your hair out!


cadi said...

great post! I totally agree.

amy said...

Soooo, is that your way of telling us that you're going to get a crazy haircut?

apparentlyjessy said...

Good advice! I can't paint as I am renting, so perhaps I should just cut my hair!
Love the Betsy Mexico house, my idea of heaven too!

paperlili said...

I have a good friend who rented Betsy's mexico house...and all her photos from it looked EXACTLY like this. It truly looks just like this. I think you need a vacation Angela:)

goddessof4 said...

I agree,I love color!!! I also am a Betsy Johnson fan!!!!! I still have photos I cut out of a magazine of her NewYork apartment years ago. Love your Mexican cabinet!!!! Sara

Mary said...

I love color, too and have done lots of rooms in my house, but don't really want to live here forever so I hate painting enough to have not taken the plunge in the most important spaces. Those images are amazing! The limes, pinks, and aquas look great in the tropics, but may just be blinding when all the world is gray around here. I did just paint my back door blue...