July 21, 2010


I admit it.
I have been in a funk.
The big 40 is fast-approaching and I don't really know what to make of it.
I have been feeling that my life is half over and my kids are just going to eventually leave me anyway...
But then,
I read my friend, Cass's blog today.
She shared one of her paintings of an old woman.
But most importantly she shared her positive feelings of growing older.
And how we EARN our tiny wrinkles.
And how beautiful and interesting can one be without them!
Would any of us really like to go back to junior high or high school?
No freaking way. 
My cup is half full from now on...the best years of life are ahead of me.
I treasure my memories of being a "young family", but I can't go back.
No regrets.


Laraine Eddington said...

I'm about to turn 52 and I'm kind of enjoying some parts of getting older. Some of my parts are not enjoying it quite so much.

amy said...

You are definitely BEAUTIFUL!!

Flourishing Networks said...

there was a song that said "life begins at forty" you go girl - we are so much wiser and loving life..... I mean look what you are doing now creating a lovely blog for another 40 year old women sitting at her computer in Australia - you rock!!!!