June 23, 2010

Mother-Daughter Collaboration

One of my favorite things is collaboration on a project.
I can get so tired of big doses of just my style.
I admire and obsess over the talents of others.
My daughters are no exception.
I am continually amazed that they all have come from me, yet posess such unique and beautiful talents of their own.
I am giddy when they agree to fuse their talents with mine to create something together.
I am sentimental.  (Could you not tell?)
Hunter and I have been working on this painting.
My part is done.
She has (sniffle, sniffle) 6 days to finish her part before she (sniffle, sniffle) leaves. 
She is moving away from me.
We won't talk about that...it will put me in a funk for the rest of the day.


Anna M said...

oooh, what is she going to do? What will she add?

Can't wait...!

I keep forgetting to talk to you about the sister trip! Sheesh. And Maggie's CTR necklace. Look for my call. ;)

Morgen said...

It's just so wrong for children to leave. I'm so sorry for you (and me).

Dirty Dolly Design said...

Oh There are no appropriate words of commiseration. Oh dear! Thank God for Skype. Here's how i cope with being away from my daughter, i keep a journal for her, filled with scribbles and doodles and pics and silly stuff; thoughts and cards and leaves and feathers. It's a mess, she loves it and it keeps me from exposing my obsession with her so she can get on with it. I also feel content knowing that Mother/Daughter wisdom is documented so I will still be there to 'help' even when i'm not there.

Kimberly said...

All who know me know how much I love Marrilyn. What a beautiful project. You two are so talented!

My oldest just left me and I can hardly bare to think about it. My husband & I took our 10 yr old to see the new Toy Story & I had to leave the theatre!!! It is so hard when our kiddos spread their wings. I am so proud of him, he has the world ahead of him and is so excited, but it breaks my heart not to have him next to me.
Be strong!!
xxx kim