June 03, 2010

High School Boyfriend from Hell

This morning I was on a hike with friends and we were talking about our body images and yucky ex-boyfriends.    
Did you have one?
Mine was a tad bit shorter than me and drove a black Iroc Z.
(Only his was blacker, lower, and more evil looking.)
He had a mobile phone mounted in between the seats that charged me every time I called him.  (It took me a while to figure that one out.)
He had oily bangs that hung in his face and always wore a tank top to "show off" his ever-bulging little muscles.  Were they steroidally-charged?  We'll never know for sure.

We never really had a conversation in the car because the stereo was always blasting Oingo Boingo or OMD.  
He had this incessant habit of trying to make me feel bad about myself.
I don't know.  Maybe it made him feel better about HIMSELF.
I had to hear how much prettier his ex-girlfriend was than me.
Or how if I lost weight, he would stop partying with his friends. 
He was even generous enough to offer me a Diet Coke when he was ordering his fried chicken sandwich and fries from Dairy Queen. 
Once, he convinced me to get on a scale and then scoffed in his jerky way about my 130 lb. body.
Now I can laugh about it.  But back then, it was an evil little, flesh-eating bug that ate away my self esteem.
Now I get mad at myself for even putting up with that.
But then, now, I can blog about it and it just magically makes me feel better!
He SO missed out!


ellen said...

He sounds charming. Hooray for better choices!

shell said...

he doesn't even know how much he missed out on. Yeah for Cameron!!

Laraine Eddington said...

Hey Angela, I heard he lives in Eloy and sells Amway to support his exwife. But the good news is that he'll be off probation in two years.

Rachel said...

This makes me laugh! I stumbled upon your blog from Lyndsay J's, I like your blog a lot, the look is very pretty.

Nicole said...

He ABSOLUTELY missed out!!!
Why was a babe like you putting up with trash like that???

I really need to come visit you one of these days!

Dorie said...

Aww Geez! You totally got me thinking about my worst boyfriend ( BG) and now I think I need a bottle of wine to forget about it! Ewww some guys were just such a waste of time!!!