May 28, 2010

Having been a Mom for almost 20 years now, there's one thing I hate most:  Mean kids.
Since toddlerhood, I have taught my young to be kind and respectful to others.  Sometimes I'm shocked at how parents let their children treat others:  Harsh words, no apologies.  It's been eye opening.
Now I understand that there's going to be the" hitter" or the" biter".  We've all had those in our families.  But there does come a time that being a bully or being mean just isn't acceptable.
One observation:  It's usually the mean kids that are popular.  Everyone's afraid NOT to be their friend.
And another observation?  It's not often to your advantage to be the "nice guy".
Being nice doesn't always get you the friends you so desperately would love to have.

I have a  beautiful little daughter with a big, soft heart.
It's hard to watch her be hurt by others or not really have a good friend to call her own.
But at her school awards assembly, she got a Citizenship Award.  I couldn't have been more pleased.
She deserves that.
I hope she has the courage to stay on that "Nice Path".
And not give in to the peer pressure of being a mean girl.


Debbie & Don said...

Yea for Tula, she is truly a nice girl and we need more nice girls in the world and on the playground.

Cassandra Barney said...

Amen sista. I feel the exact same way. My middle kitten with the big soft heart has been through the wringer this year. A couple of days I dropped her carpool off and and then cried all the way home. Nobody should be mean...ever. In fact I tell my girls that if they aren't nice, nothing they accomplish in life will really matter to me.
Maybe you should design a line of jewelry about being nice and I should paint a tin painting about it. Ya!!!!

Kimberly said...

It is true for the boys too. I get so sad sometimes watching the playground DYNAMICS at my 10 yr olds school. Keeping in mind that he attends a private school for children with learning differences that is not supposed to tolerate such behavior. Sometimes I think the adults are the worst at incouraging such horendous behavior. Thank goodness for the sweet souls like your daughter!!!
You've done a fabulous job!!!
xxx kim

Dorie said...

And mean girls turn into mean women! Stay away Tula! Be true to your sweet little self and you will end up the happiest :) good job Ang :)

nerines said...

It's good to read parents speaking out about bullying. I have two boys, my eldest is something of a gentle giant which means smaller boys have often seen him as a challenge, it's taken a long time but he has found friends that are sincere, genuine and fun. My youngest boy has watched his brother's struggle and as a result has developed a very strong sense of justice. He started highschool this year and noticed one boy from his class in particular being singled out by some other students and sadly some of the teachers too. He has even stepped in to a fight (if you can call it that) too seperate the bullies from this boy and he's now introducing him to some nice, non-violent kids (safety in numbers) we've spoken to the very lovely school councillor about this, hopefully it will help. Early in the year my youngest lost his best friend, he was the last to speak with him and it was very sad.
If being a caring, responsible, respectful person is not being learnt at home, I wonder if perhaps it should be given a greater awareness as part of a schools curriculum?
I'm so glad your daughter has remained true to herself and her own sweet nature. xo

Morgen said...

I feel the exact same way. I homeschool my nine year old and my 7 year old for that very reason. My oldest daughter who is 21 said if she could do it over she would have homeschooled part time like I did Isaac. Keep up the good work, you are a great mom! (I looked for you at graduation but I missed you.)

Spuhlers said...

I LOVE THIS! Same story for my daugher, then she received the same award! She'll find that one true friend if she stays true to herself. We all need that! Good luck! We all need that too :)

Marnie said...

You are so right! My oldest is Squishy and Sweet and hopefully will have a life full of wonderful people that are not mean. Getting through childhood surrounded by these people is the challenge for now though! Hang in there!