May 20, 2010

Girl! Where You Been!

It's not for lack of inspiration.  No crazy illness.  I'm still alive and all.
I've just been BUSY.  (I know, Mom's say that all the time!)
And I'm not one to complain, but...
I think these last two weeks of school are the worst and busiest of the year.
Even more than Christmas!
There's end of the year programs, projects, recitals, parties, pictures...GRADUATION!

Don't even get me started on graduation.  It's too, too sad for me.
I miss the old days.
When our biggest decision of the day was whether we would go to the mall or the park.  ("Mall!"  I'm not  a "park Mom".  We can talk about THAT later.)
When peanut butter sandwiches with Cheetos (inside)  was an exciting lunch.
Or when "Nap time" meant we ALL took a nap!
Sometimes I sit back and think, "Whew!  That went FAST!"
Makes you want to savor each day.  Just inhale all the little silly stuff...
Enough.  I have to go make cupcakes for the orchestra party...


melanie said...

It does go way too fast. Love Hunters pictures. The best thing the mall ever did was get a play area. Then it was to the mall and to play. Everyone is happy.:)

Just Rachel said...

With a face like that, who needs a diploma? Congradulations to Hunter for graduating!

Amanda said...

Who did those amazing graduation cards?????

Also, what a BEAUTY!!!

Laraine Eddington said...

Hunter is absolutely beautiful, just like her mother.

Dorie said...

Yeah seriously! I kept checking and checking...glad you're back :) Congrats to beautiful Hunter! I can't believe she's graduating already!! Geez I'm felling old :(

Kimberly said...

What a beauty!!!!

I know what you mean. My oldest is graduating June 6th... All of the events & parties, emotions & commitments are starting to take a toll. I have lost count of the times I spontainously combust (AKA: CRY) these days! Our lives are changing forever, but we have created the most unique and divine individuals on earth!!!!!
xxxx kim