April 09, 2010

Red Party

What is a red party?
It all started when my oldest daughter "became a woman", if you know what I'm saying.
I didn't want my girls to be embarassed of the "changes" that would occur in their life.
Becoming a woman should be celebrated.
(Are you following me here?)
Back in the day when the Cosby Show was primetime and I watched it religiously every Thursday night,
I was expecially taken by an episode where Rudy got her period.
Her mom declared it "Woman Day" and they went out for the day to celebrate the event.
I thought, "I want to make it fun for my girls, because let's face it, it's a dreaded thing!"
So my sisters and I put our heads together and came up with "Red Party".
All the "women" in the family go out.
Sometimes we've had to literally kidnap the new "Woman" because she's 13, easily embarassed and a predictable bolter.
We wear red.
We go to RED Robin or RED Lobster or somewhere RED...
And we just have a good time.
Celebrating our womanhood.
(We have a couple of traditions that we practice at the "Red Party", but I've decided to keep those private so that they're special to us.  And let's face it...you probably know WAY too much about me!)


Julie said...

Oh my gosh, best idea ever! You are such a great mom! If I had a daughter, I would totally do that!!!

Roxanne said...

Angela! You are so darn cute! ...and have the 'funnest' ideas! I wish I lived next door.... or in case you really like your neighbors, across the street!:)

Just in case you might be interested...I'm giving away a painting.:)

big hug!

Anna M said...

Congrats SOPHIE! You are so beautiful and I wish I could have been there to whoop it up, red style.

Belén said...

Oh! What a good idea!!
I wish you´ve had a happy "Woman Day".
Best wishes

Chelsea said...

Congrats Sophie! Wish I was there to celebrate with you all. I love that idea!

jomymother said...

What a great idea! (Too bad my girls are all out of the house.)I think I'll pass it on if you don't mind.

Debbie & Don said...

At our house we called it "Get out of school free" day. We went shopping and had lunch. Just the two of us. Sophie, Welcome to the Woman club!

Lisa said...

Libby told me about the "Red Party" last time I did her hair...such a fun idea!