April 23, 2010

Memory Lane...

It's Hunter's senior prom this weekend.
I have tried and TRIED, unsuccessfully, to convince her that wearing my old prom dress would be FUN!
(Allright, allright.  I probably really did say, "It would be a hoot!"  But who wants to admit they actually use that phrase!  Not me.)
It seems to me that the fashion trend now is "everything goes".  Am I right? 
She doesn't think so.
I mean SERIOUSLY...who wouldn't think that those ruffles would look adorable  framing her sweet little face!
"Besides," she told me, "it's too big."
I opened up my hope chest in hopes to find a picture of me in this dress.
I found my beautiful, lacey, MAUVE photo album!
What a treasure...and in tafetta!
I searched each page.  But all I could come up with was pictures from graduation:
I'm sure my friends are thrilled.  But it's the perks of being my friend.  I bet,  back then, they had no idea I could have a hand  in giving them this much exposure!
Sadly, no pictures of me at prom.
I'm sure they'll pop up somewhere.  Maybe my mom's hoarding all of them.
We all know how she LOVES to hold on to stuff!  (NOT!)


domestic bliss said...

SAWEET!!!! I do wish you had a picture of your prom ensemble though!!
good times xoxo, k

Dorie said...

Okay I swear the same lady that made your sweet mauve album cover made mine too!It looks crazy similar. Course that was all the rage... :) Awesome.

Kimberly said...

My Tripp's Senior Prom is May 22!!! He and his buddies are asking their dates this weekend. You know, it is the thing now to ask a date in some OUTRAGEOUS way??? Would you believe they found a horrible website to rent a "midget"!!!???? I forbid it!!! Can you imagine? What happened to the good old days of the boy simply asking the girl of his dreams?????

I hope Hunter has a wonderful time. What did she wear??
xxxx kim

Nick said...

DO you realize how beautiful you are? Wow!

shell said...

I am sure your friend on the right is totally ecstatic right now. and ang, you are drop dead gorgous. still are.