April 01, 2010

Make Me Laugh

Ahhh.  April Fools.  It's a day I can get away with being absolutely childish and immature.  And trust me, I can be very immature.  I don't even have to try very hard - it comes quite naturally.  I have a sister that is always the prankster.  But this year, we were going to pull one over on her. 

One thing you must learn about a prankster is they are extremely paranoid.  Especially on April Fool's Day.

We had such a great plan to tin foil her bedroom.  We know the code to her garage (security is TIGHT at her place!), but she foiled US in her state of paranoia and locked the garage door into the house.  Frustrated, we made do with tin foiling anything we could in the garage
But then, Miss Paranoid came home early and caught us in the act!

Oh, next year, girl...I cannot wait to get you good!


Emma said...

I love this tin foil gag! Happy Easter! x

amy said...

Good luck Ang, good luck!