April 15, 2010

It's not that I've been lazy...
My projects seem to be harder to accomplish these days.
My fabric scissors have mysteriously disappeared...
That's frustrating.
I have not gotten myself to Joannes to buy new ones.
I have been too busy running other errands.
LOTS of errands.
What errands?
Mom errands, I guess.  Can't really tell you WHAT I've accomplished lately, but I've been really busy doing I'm- not- sure- what.
Trying to fit in a new workout routine everyday doesn't exactly simplify things.
Please don't expect me to be out the door before 11AM.
I'm just trying to stay sane and nice right now.


Amanda said...

I am just happy to see you are still alive. And stay on the workouts everything else will happen!

shell said...

and you look so fab!!

maybe sometimes you find yourself sitting on the floor of a friends house painting your nails the color of a fiesta?!!! that is quite time consuming, so I can see how you keep your self so busy !!!

ha ha ha i am so funny!!

Laraine Eddington said...

...and I think I know what some of your errands have been. Thanks for all you and Melanie are doing on girl's camp.