March 17, 2010

Spring Break!

I am crazy, nuts about this pool house!
We have 85-degree weather today.  It's really just torture.  It's warm enough to want to swim, but the pool is still freezing.  (But even that doesn't stop my kids from getting in - we know they're just crazy.)

When I was young...(yes, I did just actually say that.)
Spring Break was the time to get on our tan!  You wanted to come back to school with a healthy glow, or in other words, look like a brown paper grocery bag.  The tanner the better.  Heck, my dermatologist TOLD me to get sun and burn my zits.  The 80's was sun-damage-ignorance bliss!  I don't think I ever saw a bottle of sunblock.  Did they make it then?  All we needed was a bottle of baby oil and some lemon juice and peroxide in a spray bottle.  As teenagers, our big motto in life was "Tan fat's better than white fat".  Yeah, we were deep.  SO mature.

 Now we wouldn't dream of letting our kids out without slathering them with 50 SPF.  (I put it on myself too now.  Not that I haven't already done TONS of damage already!)  You live, you learn.  Right? 


Anna M said...

I don't remember sunblock as a kid, either. Think of all of those Fridays spent at the club for 12 hours in the sun. It's no wonder my back is FULL OF MOLES!!!

Any plans for the week? Like a quick trip to Utah with your older girls?

dargan photography said...

i love the pool house too!
we hit 60 here today... BUT we
are expecting a SNOW storm early next week! ughhhhhhh.

Beach Vintage said...

I remember putting lemon juice in my really did work too.