March 16, 2010

My family and I went to Las Vegas for the weekend.  Whoa, wait!  It's not the kind of trip you're probably thinking of.  We go to visit FAMILY.  (My husband grew up there and I lived there for 10 years after we got married.)  It's always a pretty quick trip.  Filled with family.  No casinos or strip.  I did have a little unfortunate event in the middle of the night while I was there:  I tripped over someone's suitcase and I think I broke my toe.  What the heck do you do for a toe!  Do you even go to the doctor?  I'm at a loss.  I need direction.


shell said...

you just suck it up and have a Sunny Delight. That fixes everything!

Melli said...

No, I don't think you go to a Dr. They will charge you at least $150 to tell you that it just needs to heal. If it's a long toe and it looks "bent out of shape" at the joint, they may be able to set it, but usually they don't. They may suggest that you tape it to the toe next to it for a day or two?

I love your art.


Lyndsay said...

Ouch. I have done that! Tape your broken toe to it's neighboring toes (or toe). That's all you can do. Don't waste your $$ on an x-ray. They will just tape your toes. Then it just takes time to heal. Keep it taped (re-taping as needed) as long as it still hurts to walk on it. Although, expect that toe to be a little less "straight" once it heals. :( Mine looks a bit more bumpy. Sorry to hear about that!