March 01, 2010

Birthday Party Success

The Birthday Girl was pleased with her party dress.
She loved the little "Toto" patch.

"Oh Mommy, there  IS no place like home!"  she exclaimed
(Kidding.  She's 3.)

When she saw her cake with the Wizard of Oz characters, she smiled so big and said,
(Really, she did say that.)

The rainbow was INSIDE the cake:


She ripped her rainbow tissue presents open tiny piece by tiny piece.

Was it a success?

Why yes, I believe it was. 

My 3 things:
1.  3-year olds
2.  gel food coloring
3.  cuddling up and watching Wizard of Oz with Gigi


Anna M said...

the dress is KILLER!

WE love Gigi!

shell said...

if that face doesn't say "mission accomplished mom!!" -I don't know what would.

Pam said...

The cake is absolutely amazing. Thanks for the pictures of the party. Almost as good as being there.

Jill said...

How absolutely ADORABLE!!! every detail!- including the precious birthday girl!

apparentlyjessy said...

Gorgeous! I love the costume you made for her. And the Birthday cake, that is extremely awesome, those sorts of cakes are the things kids remember nostalgically when they are older :)

Lori said...

You can give me a birthday party any time . . . seriously ~ way cute.

amy said...

Happy Birthday Gigi! Are you getting my messages Ang? I haven't heard back from you.

Dorie said...

Okay seriously??? That cake ROCKED!!! And so do you :)

Emma said...

Wow! How cool is this perfect Oz theme party! Wonderful cake, inspirational! And what a sweetie in her lovely dress!