January 19, 2010

Musical Beds

Confession #100:
For YEARS, we have played musical beds...
For YEARS, someone has always slept between the two of us...
I know, to some of you that is bad, bad, bad.  (You probably read Dr. Spock and believe every word too.)  But guess what?  I have seven kids that are now sleeping on their own without me.
It's OK with me that they've needed me the first couple years of their life.
It's OK with me that people have criticized.  (So I'm not a textbook kind of person...)

This new bed for the little girls has potential to make changes in our lives.
Wynnie loves it and has slept in it for 2 nights in a row!
Gigi's not quite sold on it yet, but is so close!
Before I know it, we could have our bed back to ourselves.
But, knowing me, I'll probably be a little sad.


Park Road Studios said...

Oh Angela, I so hear you on the whole bed sharing thing! While I only have 2 kids (now ages 5 and almost 3), they have both spent several years sleeping with us. And, now they are sleeping in their own beds and as much as I love having space, I do miss cuddling with them!
btw- LOVE your blog!

Anna M said...

wait, is that Tula on Gigi's side of the bed? There's your problem.

I got all excited thinking it was Gigi and you were FREE AT LAST! Maybe you could move the toddler bed into Libbie's room for Gigi. That would be awesome for everyone! ;)

Beach Vintage said...

Whatever works I say. My daughter has slept in her own bed since day 1 - home from the hospital. She only sleeps with us if she is sick or if there is a storm.But I never tell people what to do with their kids, whatever works for you and your family is best, the little ones look like they are happy, take care. xx

Kimberly said...

Did you paint this BEEEEEautiful bed??? I would certainly want to sleep there if I were your girls!!
xxx kim

Morgen said...

Our baby just left our bed, too! I swear we are living the same life. We both have eight kids, we both went to Mountain View, we are artists and we have blond hair...it's spooky! I love slepping with my babies.

hollyhs said...

My little Sonnet ends up in my bed most nights. I don't really mind because someday she'll be big and old and she won't want to sleep in my bed anymore and I know that will happen before I know it, so now I just snuggle up to her and enjoy it. Some people are really critical about it though, so I'm glad to hear your story... :)

and your girls' bed it ADORABLE!