January 06, 2010

I guess I've spent too many sleepless nights watching late-night commercials.  Do you know the Humane Society one with the cross-eyed kitty cat?  I want to look away, but for some crazy, maternal reason I don't.  I watch the entire, strung-out, depressing production.  At the end of the commercial is a an innocent cow being pushed over by a big tractor.  His conditions look horrid and I cringe every time I see him fall over.  I want to reach out and bring him home to my back yard to graze on yummy grass and clovers.  I could use his "patties" to fertilize my flowers.  We could be great friends, I feel. 

I have not been able to eat red meat since.

I love cows.  They are sweet, they have beautiful eyes and the longest eyelashes.  My favorite book growing up was Ferdinand the Bull...

I am in a meat-eating quandry.

Meanwhile, in my quest for "other" things to eat, I have happened upon falafel.  I am not a very adventurous eater.  And if I can't pronounce it or know the exact contents, I don't eat it.  "I'll just have some bread, please."  Begrudgingly, I went to a Greek cafe with my "connisseur of delicious foods"-daughter.  (Yes, I know.  I am sure I just spelled that wrong.)  "What can I eat here?  Everything is so meaty," I asked her.  She recommended the falafel pita.  "What's in it?" I asked.  "It's ground-up chick peas, onions, garlic, and seasonings."  Hmmmmm.  Doesn't sound tempting, but I'll just try it. 

Oh, I tried it allright.  I devoured it.  I have not stopped thinking about it and the impact it had on my taste buds.  At least once a week now I have to taste one in my mouth.  It makes my stomach hurt after I eat it because I don't normally eat many vegetables.  But it's been worth the pain.

I have to ponder this cow thing for myself.  My grandpa was a cattle rancher and lived off beef and whole milk.  I'm sure he's rolling in his grave, thinking what a crazy ninny his grandaughter is...

That's o.k.  Maybe someday I can rescue a cow and let him just enjoy life and smell the flowers.
My three things:
1.  Linen
2.  70 degree weather
3.  Green grass


Jennifer Paganelli said...

I love your heart.

Dorie said...

Oh Ang! I'm in the very same terrible boat! I've started this eating for your blood type thing and it includes lots and lots of COW!! :( as you know, I had three beautiful miniature one's in my backyard for years as pets and never even thought of eating them! I totally get where you're coming from...eating stinks.

Frenchy chick said...

If i had to kill my food i would be a vegetarian....No way...I love animals too much...I am feeding my family less meat. They made this study in China and discovered that animal fat shortens people's life... and is related to heart diseases (number one killer) ...you will live longer.

Kris said...

I too can't help but watch that infomercial. I have even watched it two times in a row, when the tv station messes up and doubles the spot. Guilty, guilty, guilty.