January 25, 2010


It's an exciting day for two of my little chicks:  Sophie is 13.  A teenager! 

 Party tonight!

Wynnie registered for kindergarten today.  She's over the moon.

I, on the other hand, cannot feel their same excitement.  It makes me sad to see them grow so fast.  Kindergarten, junior high.  They're all the same.  You let your little ones out into the evil world, out of your safe little bubble at home.  It makes me uneasy.  If I weren't such an unorganized mess, home school would be so appealing.

My 3 things:
1.  Home
2.  Cool weather
3.  My Frye boots


Christina Rodrigues said...

cake looks yummy :)

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Sophie!!!

Park Road Studios said...

My oldest will register for kindergarten in March.... and I am having the hardest time letting go, I still want to be in control of everything, so I can keep her safe... so i understand completely!

Anna M said...

Sophie! I didn't get to sing to you yesterday, but I hope it was awesome nonetheless!


Morgen said...

DO it! I am a hideous disorganized mess and I started homeschooling my 1st grader this year and in January I started my 3rd grader. We absolutely love it and I know you would too. It doesn't have to be what you think it has to be. Go for it.