December 03, 2009

Potty Woes

Remember how I bragged that I have pottytrained 8 people?  Well, #8 is giving me a run for my money.  We have spent most of the day, all of the day, home, cleaning out the little potty (hmmm...maybe 20 times).  Today she has insisted on wearing an old dance costume, with leotard and skirt.  So we have had to strip down and redress 20 times.  It's been fun, and at times I was tempted to entice her to put a pull-up on just so I could catch a little break.  She has this little potty covered in stickers (her rewards) that she loves to empty herself.  She wants nothing to do with the big toilet and its causing a little bit of a headache when we are away from home.  Anyone have any tips on helping her graduate to the BIG POTTY?   Any experienced potty trainers out there with some wisdom on this matter?  Needless to say, I am doing  A LOT of laundry lately.  I have seen my fair share of Dora, Hello Kitty, and princess panties.  Which brings me to this lovely laundry room...All I can say is that it makes me want to see the rest of the house.  I want to walk right into that kitchen!

 via Look Mom

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