December 02, 2009

Life really is good.
But... my 12 year old has officially crossed the dreaded bridge from child to teenager.  I got the "bobbling head" today.  If you've experienced it, you know it.  If you don't yet have teenage girls, then you probably cannot fathom it; this hormonal phenomenom.  Imagine a bobble head sitting on the dash of your car.  Only without a smile.  More of a "smug" look.  And it suddenly appears when you are simply trying to communicate with her.  It becomes quite obvious that she has no interest in hearing what you are saying.  "Although I am looking right at you, bobbling my head,  I'm blocking out the sound of your voice.  I cannot hear your pathetic babbling."  Are you following this?  Has this happened to you?  Unfortunately, this happens like clockwork.  You're unsuspecting, your 10 year old daughter is sweet and you are confident she really digs you.  You can't imagine this sweet thing turning on you.   Then it happens, almost overnight.  You owe her and she is tolerating the fact that you are the parents assigned to raise her.  (I assure you, sweet child, you chose ME before we came to this life.  You WANTED me as your mother.)

But guess what? (and I keep reminding myself of this)  It passes.  Just as swiftly as it reared its ugly head, it will, in due time,  go away.  Suddenly you will be likeable again,   She may tolerate you with ease.  It's happened to me a few times now and I'm hoping that my research has proven true and it will happen again.

Fortunately for me, I have many creative outlets.  Projects to take my mind off these crazy incidences.  Tomorrow is a new day!


Halo Hill said...

I remember! Very pretty necklace adn I really enjoy your blog!


Angela Henrie said...

Thanks, Sheila!

stacey said...

oh Ange, im glad to here this bobbling head syndrome is a condition that most "12" year old girls have. my abby has it and i hope to see her, my sweet and precious abby again someday............. said...

Found your great blog via Tricia, who was right to wipe her drool! Just want to tell you my 4 yr. old already has a jr. version of the head bob. I don't EVEN want to deal with it in 10 years. Lisa