December 01, 2009

It's time for Christmas of my favorite things about Christmas is giving and receiving baked goods.  And every year it's tough for me to decide exactly WHAT I am going to give out.

I remember the first Christmas I moved to AZ near my parents.  I was so excited to include my own parents on my list of receivers.  In my 10 years of married life, I had lived away and now I was finally home to share in holiday traditions with my family.  I delivered my goodies to my mom's and there found her in the kitchen wrapping her fresh bread for the lucky ones on her list.  I looked at all the tags, searching for my name.  But guess what? There wasn't one.  I wasn't on their list.  I think that disappointed me more than what I got from my husband that year. 

This taught me a little life's lesson.  Family should be your most important friends.  Though you didn't hand pick them as friends, you CHOSE them as friends.  I always want to make my family members  feel like they are my friends as well as my relatives.  (And I won't even mention that one of my sisters, the only one that was here in AZ for Thanksgiving, chose to spend the holiday with her friends instead of family.  No, not "as well as family."  but "instead".)    Tis sad, but true.
Anyways, this year I have turned to

Their website is so chalk full of fun baking supplies, you will forget about your disappointments of the holidays.  (It ALMOST made me forget already!)  Go here and find all the necessary things.

Go do a little monetary damage at Bake it Pretty.  Your "FRIENDS" will thank you!


Amanda said...

iam sorry my sister who I chose to be my friend! Still love you!

lj said...

Is this how you're going to react when Ryan and I go to the Ritz-Carlton for Thanksgiving?

Kimberly said...

Thank you, Thank you for missing it me!!!! Thanksgiving did wear me out, so did my new job after being at home for 16 years. The good thing about my little break is getting to catch up on all your great ideas!!!
xxx kim

Bake It Pretty said...

Thank you so much for the lovely Bake It Pretty mention! Happy Holiday Baking!