November 25, 2009

Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays.  A time to reflect and a time to express the gratitude for all we have.  I love this painting by Cassandra Barney.  To me, it represents being grounded and living for today.  Appreciating where we are now and realizing the importance of the little things in life.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all.  May your turkey be juicy and  your company sweet.


Christina Rodrigues said...

Have a Great Thanksgiving!!!

6p00d8341c007f53ef said...

I love this images. Enjoying where your feet are planted.

And the symbolism behind your necklace from the grandfather to the grandmother.... And then of course.. the whimsy of Elvis.

Thanks Angela!

Anna M said...

and that face on the painting does look like a blend of Libbie, Hunter and Sophie. See it?

Happy Thanksgiving, sister o' mine. Miss you all like crazy!