November 25, 2009

There's Gonna Be a Payoff...

I had an epiphany the other day...there's going to be a payoff for this child-rearing thing.  I'm talking mostly about surviving teenagers.  (I'd take toddlers and little kids any time.)  I was consulting with a client and he wanted a custom piece made for his wife that included a central heart with 24 set crystals to represent the years they have been married, and the grandkids' names.  O.K.  "What about your kids, do you want them on here?"

He answered me with a noticeably fast and non-chalant, "No."  Allrighty-then.  Just the grandkids it is!  It dawned on me:  He has moved forward, moved on.  His grankids are his life now.  He and his wife have survived enough of the headaches of parenthood and they are ready to enjoy life from the bleachers.  Just watching and enjoying little people again.  Can I tell you, that after the week I've had so far, that sounds pretty GREAT!