November 11, 2009

Remembering My Veteran

There's so much to do today.  On Veteran's Day.
My little boy scout is in the parade downtown.
We're going to go to my Grandpa's grave.
I can't just bring "regular" roses.
He always grew the most beautiful, HUGE roses I had ever seen.
He filled vases all throughout his house with them.
I am going to pick my humble little garden roses for him today.
I know they won't do him justice.

Things that make me think of my grandpa:
Iced Tea
turquoise rings
bolo ties
Wrangler pants
red socks
Rockports (shoes)
blue eyes
petirified wood
barbed wire fences
whole milk
Hershey bars
La Fonda Restaurant
Roses and tomatos

If you knew Grandpa Bud, feel free to add to the list...


amy said...

cowboy hats, playing cards, suspenders and belt combo, cutest man

Kimberly said...

A fond remeberance to you. I remember your other touching tribute to your Grandfather. He must have been quite a man.
xxx kim

Anna M said...

In addition to your list and amy's:
Price is Right
Walker, Texas Ranger
meatloaf cupcakes
Mouthing "NO"
chewing tobacco
incredibly generous
paper towels
polyester wranglers
... and not JUST whole milk
EXPIRED whole milk ;)

Man, I miss Grandpa Bud

Marina Mott said...

Unfortunately I didn't know him, but may I say that I miss my grampa a lot? I loved him so much. This post is very lovely and kind!!!

amy said...

I love the "mouthing no" that made me smile.