November 27, 2009

Lately I have been so busy with custom orders that I haven't been able to spend the time I'd like to on one-of-a-kinds...but that is going to change this next week.  I hope to have some new, fun pieces to share that will be available for purchase.  These are two children's pieces that are available here.  I have found it difficult to shoot pictures of just silver.  Yes, I am just using a point and shoot digital, but still, the pictures are so difficult to get.  What's sad is that I have a really nice camera, but not the patience to learn how to use it.  One of these days...

Ramblings for my patient readers:

Thanksgiving is pictures to share.  I was so busy cooking all day and setting up tables, that I didn't have a chance, or think about getting out my camera.  By the time we sat down to eat, I was exhausted.  We went around the table, saying what we are thankful for (I love that part)  But after that, I don't remember much.  I think it was a carb-induced daze.  I decided last night (now this may chage in a year) that next year we are going someplace else.  I don't know where, specifically, just somewhere else.

Today is Black Friday.  I don't like Black Friday.  I am an anti-Black Friday shopper.  This is the one day of the year I DON'T shop.  It makes Christmas so commercialized and gives me a panicked knot in my stomach.  So I don't like to go there.  I'd rather stay home and make stuff.  (Speaking of which, I found a fun dress pattern that is really easy to sew.  It's by Sis Boom (Jennifer Paganelli) and you can purchase it here.)

Today I am getting the rest of my Christmas decorations up.  Does anyone else dread cooking today?  I'm so done with that.  I think it's pumpkin pie for breakfast  and then I want to be taken out to lunch...and dinner.

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This could have been a post written by me!